Monday, July 1, 2013

Seafood Macaroni Summer Salad - A family favorite

In the summer, I live on the surface of the Sun...

OK, not really but I do live in Las Vegas and today it was a 121 degrees! Ugghh

My meal plan for the week is basically summed up in - anything that does NOT use the stove.  My husband has been making this dish for many year  - courtesy of his high school girlfriend's mother.  It is simple, cool and the perfect summer dish.  It can work as a main or side dish. It's great for a potluck and not only is it cool, it also requires very little stove involvement!   It can also easily be adapted to fit your family tastes. 

Seafood Summer Salad
16 oz of macaroni (cooked, drained and cooled) 
1 package of imitation crab meat
2-3 large cucumbers, peeled and diced
6-7 Roma tomatoes diced
1 1/2 to 2 1/2 cups of mayonnaise (start with 1 1/2 and add additional as desired)
10-12 oz of Colby jack or mild cheddar cheese diced
1-2 teaspoons of Old Bay Seasoning 
Salt & Pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients and refrigerate until well chilled, preferably overnight.  Simple as that!  

Variations - diced red bell peppers, celery or onions would all add nice crunch to this salad.  Avocado, bacon and bay shrimp are great additions as well. You can also substitute any short cut pasta for the macaroni. 
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