Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's your food unicorn?

Is there one dish that you always say, "I wish I could make that?".  A family classic?  A restaurant favorite? Maybe you've tried to make it and failed? A recipe that feels like a myth.

The perfect souffle or maybe Boeuf Bourguignon of Julie and Julia fame.  Now if you are a home style cook like me it might not be so fancy but I think all cooks have at least one (or more) elusive recipe they want to master.  Often it is wishing that your chocolate cake turned out like Aunt Martha or your scalloped potatoes were like your mother in law's (or better).  For me it's a kind of funny but right now my "unicorn" is Stuffed Cabbage.  Yup, not only exciting right but for some reason every since last St. Patrick's Day I have wanted to make stuffed cabbage. But of course it's not just any stuffed cabbage. It's a particular recipe I had long again and I want to recreate, the perfect blend of sweet and sour with cabbage that melts around the rice and meat. So far I've tried and failed. Not miserably but it definitely hasn't come close to that wonderful food memory I'm trying to match.

So my question for you... what's your food unicorn? What is the that one dish you wish you could make? Maybe we can find the perfect recipes together!
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