Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What is Pantry Cookin'?

Pantry cookin’ is my term for a budget friendly method of meal planning and cooking that involves using staples most people regularly have in their pantry. Have you ever found a recipe that sounds great and then realize you don’t have all the ingredients or worse yet the ingredients are way out of your price range. Pantry cookin’ focuses on family friendly recipes that you can make without having to go to the store on a week night for extra ingredients. You also won’t find many recipes that take more than 30 minutes of prep time unless there it’s a holiday! With two toddlers under foot it better be fast or I won’t be cooking it very often!

A key part of Pantry Cookin’ is keeping your pantry stocked with what I call the basics. Now each family will have different basics depending on your tastes. I will be posting our master shopping list so you have an idea of what I consider the “basics”. I will also be posting some tips on how to keep your pantry stocked for less! My guilty pleasure is saving money on food shopping. Just ask my husband, I probably get more excited when I save $40 on food than buying a new pair of shoes. I know it’s a little weird but there is no guilt when you save money, unlike when you spend money!

One of my favorite things is discovering new recipes so I will frequently be adding links to sites that inspire me and help me feed my family. I would also love to hear from others and learn from you so please feel free to leave comments and share your blog with me!
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