Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Love: ICE CREAM

So it is insanely hot right now where I live in Las Vegas.  Although it has been a "cool" spring and summer so far it has now reached the triple digits and that is just too hot. 

But one thing I love about summer and hot weather - ICE CREAM

And honestly, I think I like about every flavor I have ever tried.  I've tried some interesting flavors too - garlic, purple yam  just to name two unusual ones.  I can't pick a favorite because that is totally dependent on my mood.  The only flavor that I question is vanilla.  Does that really count as a flavor?  OK, maybe a Madagascar vanilla bean scented homemade vanilla counts but vanilla out of a tub is just plain boring and dare I say a little useless in my opinion.  The whole beauty of ice cream is that it is a luscious, creamy delivery system for delicious ingredients like fruit, chocolate and nuts.

I love my memories of ice cream.  As a small child growing up in rural Maryland we used to make homemade ice cream every summer. I remember the old wooden ice cream  machine with the ice and rock salt.  My dad used the same recipe each time and we would add ingredients like fresh berries from our garden.  Now that I am adult with children I love watching my little toddlers eat ice cream.  Honestly - doesn't ice cream make everything better?

Thanks to The Diaper Diaries for making me think of something I love today!
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