Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So one of the most important things about staying within budget and saving time by eliminating last minute trips to the store is having a well stocked pantry. For me the key is a good shopping list. I am ADD, so by nature don't remember everything all the time. I also sometimes forget to have my list but I have found that I am most successful as a Pantry Cook when I keep to the list formula. The link to a sample of my grocery list is below.

Now this list is organized according to the store layout of my neighborhood Wal-Mart store. I stopped shopping regularly there a few years ago and shop mainly at Fresh and Easy and Sam's Club now but have never changed the order. The nice thing about this list is that it includes dinner ideas. I find it very helpful to know what dinners I plan to make for the week BEFORE I go grocery shopping. Now obviously to save money I will make a change if I find a particularly good sale on meat or produce but generally my weekly menu is already planned which saves time and money - the perfect combination for a working mom! You will notice I also have a note for the items that I always have a coupon for to remind myself to bring the coupon.
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