Monday, June 14, 2010

Are you ready for a... Food Revolution?

Did you watch the Food Revolution? I have been a Jamie Oliver fan since back in the early days of the Naked Chef when it was on PBS and Jamie was a bachelor in a London flat. I love his simple, fresh approach to food and cooking. I seem to be caught between two very different loves when it comes to food. First: rich, decadent, often fattening food like my favorite southern style dishes and second: fresh, clean, earthy tastes that remind me of warm summer days in family's garden when I was a child. Jamie's food generally fits into the second category but he doesn't forget the need for a little decadence now and again.

I eagerly tuned into Food Revolution mainly for Jamie but ended up hearing the message loud and clear. As a mom of 3 I have thought more and more about how important what I serve my children is to their lifelong health. I think of the world today with obesity and illness rampant and wonder how much of that is because of what we eat. Now, don't get me wrong, I just don't have enough will power to start eating only raw food. Nor do I have enough money to eat 100% organic, especially since I live in a desert city far away from local agriculture, but I do think we can all do more to actually eat FOOD. Real food. Food that has includes ingredients you can pronounce. Food that has ingredients that you know what they are and where it came from.

Do you read food labels? Honestly, most of us don't. Or if we do we look at the nutritional facts at the top and not the ingredient list at the bottom in 5 pt font. About three years ago my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. That was when I began to actually read labels. I was astonished to discovered how many items have huge amounts of sugar, mainly due to high fructose corn syrup. Did you know spaghetti sauce has corn syrup in it? Now how many of us would get out a bottle of corn syrup if we were making a batch of sauce at home? Not me.

I'm not a scientist, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but I do honestly believe that what we eat has a huge impact on our health and well-being. I also believe in the power of food to bring a family together. Food is what has united my family for decades. Food brings us together to laugh and it is what comforts us when we have cried. But I ask you the question now: Is the food you are serving your family actually food or unpronounceable chemicals?

If you, like me, think maybe you need to make some changes I would suggest you visit Jamie's website and learn a little more about his Food Revolution. There is also a new toolkit to aid in you joining the food revolution. If you have school age children I high encourage you to check out the information regarding school lunches and get involved to help our children get healthy.

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